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Bad issues, declining premium experience and general worries..

David van Ballegooijen Jun 24, 2017 05:09PM CEST

i have a few really big issues with pacemaker,

1) After having to restore my iPhone (and previously after upgrading my iPhone) I’ve lost all mix tapes I was working on for the past weeks, including a huge 3 hour mix I was very excited about releasing!! All gone! Restoring backups apparently doesn’t seem to include Pacemaker projects.. yet there’s also no other way to secure your projects (had I known this was needed..) Why isn’t there a iCloud sync or manual backup feature??? I felt devastated losing projects I had spend so much time on making.. :(

2) when trying out Pacemaker on my (old) iPad I discovered it offered very nice add on FX, which I then all bought. However since none of my projects are accessible on iPad for some bizarre reason, ánd because my iPad is not really fast enough and will crash often using Pacemaker I switched back to my iPhone (7 plus) only to find that the FX I just spend a lot of money on are not available on the iPhone version! What the heck?
What to do??

3) as I did like the new plus feature(s) a lot and am not one to give up easily I decided to pay for the full year premium access. However since the moment I did I’m regularly experiencing a big difference between my custom transitions in edit mode and the complete timeline, so much in fact that it becomes impossible to be usable! I’m also experiencing crashes at times when scrubbing through a transistion.. it feels like a memory resource issue but being on an iPhone 7 Plus surely this shouldn’t be the case, can it?

4) the first time I tried the iPad version I was able to search for mix tapes I made on iPhone, and create a new mix from the tracks it contained, and although I would still need to start over to remake it on iPad, it was better than nothing.. why has the search disappeared from iPad??

General worries:
Overall I have to say that although Pacemaker is very cool, I feel that organizational you guys should really invest more in understanding and fixing issues that affect all your users and especially your most active, loyal users. It should take more than 3 to 12 weeks to iron out most if not all of your worst UX and technical issues.. new features are great but don’t leave your following hanging until you hope to release a huge, epic new feature that’s supposed to fix everything (things rarely work out that way.)

If the codebase of upcoming features also fix some existing issues it’s important to make sometime available to bring some of those improvement to the live version, rather than leaving your users hang in pain... release often, fix painpoints and throw in an exciter regurarely, but please start focussing a lot more on improvements of the current apps in use.

Kind regards,
David van Ballegooijen

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Phillip Munn Jun 24, 2017 09:36PM CEST

Hello David,

Thank you for taking the time to give us this detailed feedback. I've shared this with the team here at Pacemaker and hopefully I'll be able to help you.

1) Mixes which appear on the "Saved" tab are held only on your device. Mixes on the "Published" tab are held online and associated with your Pacemaker username where anybody can listen to them. If you ever need to delete Pacemaker from your device or switch devices, we'd recommend in future publishing any mixes you want to keep so you don't lose them. You can always "Unpublish" the mix afterwards when you reinstall Pacemaker or finish moving to a new iPhone, this will then move the mix back to the "Saved" tab. I'm sorry to hear that you have lost the mix you have been working on. Regrettably there isn't anything we can do as the data was held exclusively on your phone.

2) Pacemaker for iPad offers a more manual mixing experience currently rather than Pacemaker for iPhone. For this reason, and because we developed the iPhone version after we made the iPad version, currently published mixes are exclusive to the iPhone version. In the future we might add support so you can listen to mixes made on the iPhone on the iPad as well. If you've purchased the effects on iPad, you'll need to restore them for them to appear on iPhone. Just tap on any of the empty "+" signs within Pacemaker for iPhone and click "Restore" which appears. Some effects are exclusive to iPad and therefore you'll notice that some can't be used on iPhone.

3) Thanks for supporting us at Pacemaker by buying a whole year of Plus membership! We're very thankful for this. We're sorry to hear you are having issues and we'd like to invite you to download a beta version of Pacemaker which hopefully will fix the issue or give us more information so we can identify what has gone wrong here.

4) We've never supported searching for mixtapes you've made on iPhone from the iPad. You can however see Spotify playlists and create mixes from these. You can open "AutoPilot" by loading a track onto a deck, looking for the "^" icon which appears in the middle of the screen between both decks and picking the "Autopilot" option. If you click on the "+" sign, then find a Spotify or iTunes playlist you can click the "+" next to the playlist name to load all the tracks from the playlist into Autopilot. This will then mix through the tracks for you in a similar style to iPhone. We don't support the saving of these mixes on iPad. At the time of making this feature, iPad was more manual and hands on for mixing and Autopilot was designed to be a quick way to take a break before returning to the mix.

Regarding your final point, we're a small team here at Pacemaker and we aim to release new features and bug-fixes every month. Releasing more frequently actually is prohibitive because we need to do more testing for each release as well as the additional effort in providing support, training and managing updates. You'd be surprised in how many different people in different departments here at Pacemaker have to work together to get a release ready. Apple also test every release as with every other application in the AppStore. We hope that by inviting you to the Pacemaker beta program we'll be able to work with you to fix the issues you've seen and make Pacemaker a better product.

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