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Transfer saved mixes to a new iPhone

Beatgi Nov 27, 2018 11:40PM CET

I replaced my old iPhone 7 by the new iPhone XS and would like to transfer my pacemaker mixes. They are all based on locally stored music files which I manage using iTunes, so no Spotify songs are included in my mixes even I do have a Spotify account.

What I did:
1) Setup the new iPhone with an iCloud Backup of the old iPhone
2) Made sure all music files from my iTunes are synced to the new iPhone (around 200 GB)
3) I verified the Recipes file with Beyond Compare on both phones, there is no difference between (it's clear to me that this are not the audio file itself but only how those files have been mixed).

The result:
All my saved mixes appear on the new iPhone. However, the songs appear without an album cover and don't play (with a few exceptions, if I'm not mistaken just music files bought through the iTunes store). To me, it looks like all manually imported/added MP3 Files to iTunes Pacemaker lost the reference on the new iPhone. Not sure if this is apple or pacemaker faults.

Spending hours on creating mixes it's quite a pity if they are all gone when switching to a new iPhone. Is there any workaround to fix this issue?

I would still have access to my old phone.

In my opinion, pacemaker should at least provide an option like "search for music file" to adjust file id in case this has been changed due to switching to a new iPhone.

Thanks for any help.

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Phillip Munn Nov 28, 2018 08:50PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Sorry to hear this. iOS effectively gives us a list of tracks held locally on your phone identified only by a unique number. When you make a mix in Pacemaker, we store these numbers so we know which tracks you used and in which order. Unfortunately when you sync your library, switch phones or remove music from your device, we ask iOS for the tracks we knew about previously and if they are not found - we can't play your mix.

We agree that a way to fix these mixes would be awesome, however it involves lots of development work for something which doesn't happen too often. For now the fastest way to get back up and running is to effectively re-make the mix on your new phone whilst comparing it side by side with your old one.

Mixes made with Spotify tracks, won't have this issue.
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Beatgi Dec 02, 2018 07:29AM CET
Thanks a lot for your reply as well taking time to understand my issue.

Regarding "lots of development work for something which doesn't happen too often"

1) Lot of work:
As mentioned, I guess my suggestion would be quite an easy solution to implement:
> provide an option like "search for music file" to adjust file id / unique number in case this has been changed due to switching to a new iPhone.
> So there is no magic logic/algorithm to be added to find automatically the correct songs which in my opinion beside UX topics would make implementation quite straightforward

2) Doesn't happen too often
> Obviously each time I change my iPhone (when using locally stored music)
> Wondering if I'm the only one to face this issue, but I have different music sources so my songs are often not on Spotify (Soundcloud, bandcamp, traxsource, beatport, ...)

As I most often adjust mixes done automatically there is still a lot of work behind each mix (talking about days not hours), so you put the work just on me if I have to redo this each time I'm changing my phone ;-)

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steve Jan 02, 2019 04:15PM CET
I have the SAME problem, as likely do millions of users who do not have a need to subscribe to Spotify. This limitation is a deal breaker. I spent many days making mixes for events that must all be recreated. Only option is to dedicate an old device to being your music source and carrying both it and your primary phone with you. This is no solution. I'm dumping my Pacemaker subscription.
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Phillip Munn Jan 03, 2019 12:18AM CET Pacemaker Agent
We ask iOS for information on the local music tracks held on your phone and when you make a mix we keep track of these songs by special "identifiers" given to us by iOS. As mentioned above - when the songs change on your device or you switch devices, the information provided by iOS can change meaning Pacemaker can no longer find the right local tracks for your mix.

We wish we had a better way to deal with this but there are a few reasons why fixing this is more complicated than it seems:

- We don't currently hold enough information on the track that you used to be able to remind you exactly what one you need to pick on your new device.
- Even if you could select a 'replacement track' from a list, if you pick the "wrong one" - we'd need to design a way for you to change it again.
- If you pick anything and it's not 100% the same track, there'd be issues around transitions sounding odd or trying to crop tracks that aren't the same length (for example if you have 3 copies of the same song, but one is an abum edit).

The honest answer here isn't one you'll want to hear, but the best way to solve this is to re-create the mix, or wait for us to get other streaming services on-board. Re-creating the mix side by side on a new device shouldn't take long if you can just visually line up each waveform, compared to the amount of engineering work we'd need to do to the app to fix these issues above.

The long term goal is that any mix on Pacemaker should be playable using whatever music service you use, providing it has the tracks avaliable. We believe in the future, we'll be able to match any track from any mix to a streaming service of your choice and play back any mix. We're sorry we're not there yet with the technology, but we're a small team and we have to focus on areas which will provide the most value to the largest set of users. We're not saying we'll never revisit this - but today there's no quick solution I can offer.

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