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Mix gone

Jose Dec 28, 2018 08:43AM CET

My mix is gone after working on it for 4 hours.
I had saved it as 2018.

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Phillip Munn Dec 28, 2018 11:40AM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Jose,

I've found your Pacemaker account with username jgcruz07 but I cannot find any mixes held on our server. Unfortunately you might not have published your mix yet. If you have deleted Pacemaker on your phone since making the mix, this will have caused the mix to be deleted as during this point it will have only been held on your phone. Do let me know if I've found the wrong Pacemaker account.
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Jose Dec 28, 2018 06:35PM CET
That’s the right account. Pacemaker was
Never deleted from the phone. The app just froze and mix disappeared. It was saved as “2018”
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Phillip Munn Dec 28, 2018 06:45PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Try checking here:

1. Launch Pacemaker.
2. Tap the person at the top left to view your profile.
3. Click "Saved" or "Recent".

See if you can spot it there. If you can't see it under either of these places - I'm afraid it might be gone forever. Hope you're able to get it back.
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Jose Dec 28, 2018 06:53PM CET
I have tried and only 2 of the songs appear. I had over 15 songs mixed after I paid for the subscription.
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Phillip Munn Dec 29, 2018 03:07PM CET Pacemaker Agent
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're able to re-create the missing tracks and mix. We'll keep an eye out for similar reports to see if we can prevent this happening in the future.
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Harmony Hicks Jan 03, 2019 11:53PM CET

I created mixes using the free trial and when It ended, I got Spotify Premium and Pacemaker+ hoping I’d be able to recover them. Unfortunately I didn’t. Can you help me figure out how I’m able to to listen to my mixes again?
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Phillip Munn Jan 04, 2019 04:36PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hello Harmony,

Sorry to hear this. Your mixes should be kept - providing you haven't uninstalled Pacemaker from your device (as saved mixes are stored only on the phone they are made on, until they are published). What do you see if you open Pacemaker, click on the person at the top left and then look under "Saved" or "Recent"? Can you see your mixes there?
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Mike eller Feb 09, 2019 05:32AM CET
I've lost all of my "untitled" recent mixes that I was working on. I opened the app and they were gone. I'm on iPhone X. I hadn't saved them yet which was my mistake but I've never had this issue before. I understand they may be saved to the phone. Is there a way I can recover them from the phone somehow? This is months of work lost.

Thank you
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Phillip Munn Feb 09, 2019 07:35PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Mike,

Mixes are saved to your phone, but if you delete and reinstall Pacemaker at any point - these will be deleted when the application is deleted. Check though by doing this:

- Launch Pacemaker
- Tap the person at the top left.
- Scroll down.
- Click "Saved" or "Recent".
- See if you can see any of the mixes in this section.

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