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Log In Doesnt Work

Laura Jan 21, 2019 01:48PM CET

I use app daily for work so this is extremely frustrating. I log in through my Spotify which appears to work but once Pacemaker loads it doesnt recognize that I have an account or profile. Please help me figure this out

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Phillip Munn Jan 21, 2019 07:18PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Laura,

I've just replied to your email. Hopefully this fixes the issue.
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Giovanni Tittarelli Feb 02, 2019 12:16PM CET
When I try to log in through my spotify on my iphone, Spotify opens, but nothing happens and I can’t log in...
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Phillip Munn Feb 02, 2019 10:23PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Sorry to hear this. I've had a few reports of this in the last 24 hours however I haven't yet managed to reproduce this myself. Could you try opening the following link on your iPhone or iPad with Pacemaker installed:

This should then take you a website where you can login and then you should be taken to Pacemaker where hopefully you are logged in. If this doesn't work - it might be a temporary issue on Spotify's side. Do let me know how you get on.
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Adriaan Doering Feb 04, 2019 02:22AM CET
Similarly, pacemaker was last working for me this morning. Every time the login prompt is given and I click “login using Spotify” it opens Spotify but doesn’t recognize the account, and ultimately makes pacemaker impossible to use for both djing and streaming. Please advise!
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Phillip Munn Feb 04, 2019 11:22AM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Adriaan,

We think this is a temporary issue at Spotify - but unfortunately we still haven't reproduced the problem ourselves. Does the link above allow you to login?
Could you try opening the following link on your iPhone or iPad with Pacemaker installed:

This should then take you a website where you can login and then you should be taken to Pacemaker where hopefully you are logged in.
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Lianne Feb 06, 2019 02:20PM CET
I’m logged into Spotify but it’s still not letting me sign in.. need this app for work.. I am paying for this
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Phillip Munn Feb 06, 2019 02:35PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Lianne,

Spotify are having issues which means that a small portion of Pacemaker users are unable to login within Spotify. The issue has been raised to Spotify but we're unable to fix it ourselves. Depending on which computer at Spotify's side deals with your request, you may / may not login successfully.

Some people have reported success by using this link: which when opened on a device with Pacemaker installed, should let you login. It may take a few attempts before you are successful.

If you're able to playback other mixes in Pacemaker, but cannot for some reason see your own profile:

- Click the person at the top left.
- Click the settings cog.
- Account -> Log in
- Then enter your details, either your Facebook account or username and password which you signed up to Pacemaker with.
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Erinn Feb 07, 2019 02:39PM CET
Pacemaker continually kicks me out of the app and requires me to login multiple times a day. However, today it’s not permitting me to log back in. It keeps prompting me to sign in through Spotify. When I follow the link to do so, I’m already logged into Spotify, nothing happens, so I switch back to Pacemaker and it will again prompt me to login through Spotify. I see that you’re having an issue with this- just wanted to report another case. I have a premium Spotify account in case it matters.
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Erinn Feb 07, 2019 02:43PM CET
Update: I even tried using the link you previously posted and signing in through there but it’s still not working.
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Phillip Munn Feb 07, 2019 03:35PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Update: Spotify have confirmed the issue and provided us an update. I'll keep you informed as I hear more, but unfortunately, we don't have a timeline for a resolution. You may find success by using the link above - however this isn't guaranteed.

"We identified an issue with login on iOS and are working to fix it. This affects Spotify account linking for all apps. We are working round the clock on a fix. Thanks for your patience."
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Phillip Munn Feb 08, 2019 04:35PM CET Pacemaker Agent

We're sorry you may have had problems linking Pacemaker to your Spotify account.

If you have Spotify installed on your iPhone/iPad, you may find that you are redirected to Spotify's application and then nothing happens when you attempt to sign into Pacemaker.

Spotify have confirmed this is an issue with their application which can be fixed by:

1. Opening the Spotify application.
2. Click "Your Library" at the bottom.
3. Click the settings cog at the top right.
4. In the menu, select "Social".
5. Ensure "Wave navigation" is set to ENABLED.

Now return to Pacemaker and attempt to login again. A future update to Spotify will resolve this issue.

If you still have problems, please reply to this email.
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Chelsea Feb 15, 2019 12:39AM CET
Hi there, I have tried all of the solutions in this thread and nothing has worked. Any idea on when a solution will be available?
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Chelsea Feb 15, 2019 01:01AM CET
I also wanted to add that Spotify has since come out with an update and I can connect to my other apps just fine. Pacemaker seems to be the only one that won’t let me login in any way. I can’t login by using Facebook or my email either. I even tried to create a new login and it still won’t let me login.
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Phillip Munn Feb 15, 2019 05:06PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Hey Chelsea,

Your problem might be different than the others here. Could you try turning off mobile data / connecting to a WiFi network and trying to login?
We do have a known issue where on certain mobile phone networks - Spotify login fails. We're working to update technology in the Pacemaker app to fix this.
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Chelsea Feb 17, 2019 05:14AM CET
Hi Phillip,

I am connected to my home WiFi. When using the app Any time I try to follow someone, like something or save one of my own mixes I am prompted to login I hit the button to connect using Spotify, am taken to the Spotify page where I am logged in there and asked for authorization and I hit agree I see the check mark and am shot right back to where I was still not logged in. When using the app I always have the button showing that says create a profile, when I click on it it prompts me to connect using Facebook or Spotify any attempts at this options take me right back to where I was.
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Phillip Munn Feb 17, 2019 02:00PM CET Pacemaker Agent
Thanks Chelsea for explaining. Could you try this then for me? Could you click: "Create Profile" and then sign up using an email address and password rather than using the Spotify/Facebook options. Once you've done this - can you then try the Spotify login link which can be found by clicking on the person at the top left, the settings cog (next to the "Edit Profile") button and then try logging in.

When you try and login to Spotify (without first having a Pacemaker account) - we try and make one for you. I suspect this automatic account creation is failing, which is why it would be great if you can manually sign up using an email address and password and let me know if it now works.

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